The Conjuring is already getting a sequel


James Wan’s upcoming film The Conjuring already looks unique and promising amid the sea of unfortunate sequels, (prequels, found footage phonies, reboots, preboots, re-sequels, and fifthquels) so that of course means that we’re getting more of it. 

According to Variety, New Line Cinema is currently exploring more Conjurings based on the investigations of Ed Warren (which once was used as a framework for The Amityville Horror). In order to celebrate more sequels, I’ve come up with a few titles for each of them.

  • Night at the Conjuring
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The Conjuring
  • How to Conjur Your Dragon
  • Conjur-Ass
  • Bowling for Conjuring
  • Conjuring Almighty
  • The Conjuring and the Tramp
  • The Emperor’s New Conjuring
  • All About the Conjurings 
  • House Conjuring 2
  • The Lizzie McConjuring Movie

Feel free to celebrate more Conjurings in the comments.

[via Variety]