The Criterion Collection is 50% off at Barnes and Noble


For the past 10 months, I have been holding onto $100 worth of Barnes & Noble gift cards. They’ve been sitting near my desk, beckoning me. “Wait,” I’ve been telling them. “Soon it will be November 5th.” Last year, we let you know about the 50% off all Criterion Collection DVDs/Blu-rays sale Barnes & Noble was holding. The year before, we did the same thing. I hoped/assumed the cycle would continue, and my hoarding of Barnes Bucks would not be in vain. It was not. Until this Friday, November 9th, all Criterion Collection films (Blu-ray and DVD) are on sale at Barnes & Noble. Even better, the majority of their art house collection has the same deal. So yesterday, I bought Blu-rays of M, Hunger, The Seventh Seal, and Seven Samurai from the Criterion Collection, and Citizen Kane as well. All told? $11 charged to my account.

You probably don’t have $100 in gift cards lying around, so you will have to actually look at your bank account and decide how much food you really need to survive. Fortunately, we’re working on a list of all the movies that you should have in your collection. Check back tomorrow for that, and understand that while we may be trying to bankrupt you, we’re doing it out of love. 

Love for the Criterion Collection.