The Criterion Collection is 50% off at Barnes and Noble


The Criterion Collection is probably the greatest thing to ever happen to home media. Commentary tracks? Thank the Criterion Collection. Special features? Thank the Criterion Collection. High quality anything? Thank the Criterion Collection. All of us at Flixist love these people and what they have done/continue to do. If I had any money I would probably buy every single available disc (of which there are nearly 600, mind you). You would be foolish to pass this up. And if you’re wondering, yes. The Blu Ray versions are half off as well. If you think that pirating movies is the way to go, that’s only because you’ve never owned a Criterion version of something. 

If you need some ideas, here are a couple of staff recommendations: Alec Kubas-Meyer, The Passion of Joan of Arc; Geoff Henao, The Darjeeling Limited; Hubert Vigilla, Orpheus; Sean Walsh, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; Andres Bolivar, Carlos (miniseries). This is fewer than 1% of the titles available to… Why are you still here? Go empty your wallets. Now.

[Via Barnes & Noble]