The Daredevil reboot has a script. Rejoice!


I love the Ben Affleck Daredevil. I’m not even one of those wishy-washy assholes that only defends the director’s cut, though it is the superior version. It’s a total guilty pleasure movie, and it’s goofy as the living daylights, but I will knife anyone that tries to tell me I’m stupid for liking it. Anyway, David Slade, director of Hard Candy, the crappy 30 Days of Night movie, and Twilight: Eclipse, a.k.a. The One Everyone Tells Me is the Only Good Twilight, has announced that the script for the proposed Daredevil reboot, written by one Brad Caleb Kane, has been finished. This means that in the next year, year and a half, we’re going to start having to really pay attention to this project. I’m curious if it’s going to be its own little thing, like Punisher: War Zone, or if it’s going to fit into the larger Marvel cinematic universe. Either way, I’m game.

My only hope is that the reboot follows, tonally, the more gritty, street-level stories of writer Ed Brubaker, who treated Daredevil as the flawed pulp hero he is, instead of the weirder recent stuff where Daredevil is possessed by some sort of demon and leads a ninja army out of an evil ninja temple in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen. Seriously. That was just embarassing.

[Via Latino Review]