The Dark Half is the latest in the litany of Stephen King adaptation remakes


It’s probably going to blow your feeble minds to learn that there is apparently an adaptation of a Stephen King book that was already a movie currently in the works. Who would’ve guessed? Has this ever happened before? Certainly not for at least four hours.

This time we’re looking at an adaptation of one of King’s more self-indulgent stories, The Dark Half, which concerns an author whose pseudonym becomes a serial killing doppelganger after he’s revealed and ceremonially “killed” by the author. This was previously adapted in the 90’s by George Romero with Timothy Hutton in the lead role.

Her Smell director Alex Ross Perry is planned to helm, and this will be his first stab at horror. At least he’s aiming for one of the lesser-known adaptations.

No other details are known for the project, so all that’s left is to play some Stephen King roulette and guess which adaptation/remake will be announced next. My money’s on Christine. In a world of self-driving cars, it’s only a matter of time until we get an “updated” take on the classic. God help us all.

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Kyle Yadlosky
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