The Dark Knight returns: Nolan’s Batman trilogy to play IMAX screens this month


As a lifelong New Yorker and moviegoer (I saw Antz when I was still doing diapers and apparently was very curious to ask others in the audience how they liked the movie) I’m confronted time and time again with how lucky I am to live close to all these amazing special screenings. No exception when Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy will be returning to an IMAX nearby starting the 30th of this month, as a part of Warner Bros.’ 80th anniversary fanfare for the Caped Crusader.

The list is meager, with only five AMC theaters set to play all three films on 70mm. Not many options, but this is one that sounds like it’ll be worth a little legwork to get to. The revival kicks off on March 30th at Universal Cinema AMC in Hollywood, where the man himself, Christopher Nolan, will be doing a post-screening Q&A. Other theaters will roll out gradually, those being:

AMC Lincoln Square in New York City (April 13th)

AMC Metreon in San Francisco (April 13th)

IMAX Theatre at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis (April 20th)

Cinesphere Ontario Place in Toronto (April 20th)

The footage from the March 30th Q&A will accompany the subsequent screenings, and tickets are set to go on sale Wednesday morning at 9AM PST. 

I think for as much hype and fuss surrounded these films upon release, they really do stand the test of time and hold up as great, great blockbusters done without the wink and smile of Marvel productions (those can be great too!). Really, I would say no other superhero adaptation has come close to trying what Nolan did with these films, really closer to crime thrillers than anything else. 

But you don’t need me to tell you that. We know these movies–they’re awesome! And a 70mm show will be a nice treat, further reinforcing Nolan’s commitment to celluloid before his next epic receives a similar IMAX release next year.

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