The Dark Knight Rises now has some vague filming locations


Oh boy, we have a bit of news about the third Batman film from Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises! Considering how tight-lipped everyone related to the project has been about the slightest trace of news, this is relatively big. Digital Spy reports that Scene magazine spoke with Ravi Mehta, the senior vice president of production at Warner Brothers, who shed a little light on where shooting is going to be held. “I know they are going to the UK, LA and there will be a third city,” according to Mehta.

Rumors have been circulating that Detroit or New York could be the third city. I’m a little surprised, though, that there are no rumors about Chicago being a shooting location, considering that it stood in for Gotham City in the first two films.

So now that we finally have something to go on, it’s time for what the internet does best: speculation! I’ll admit, though, that I’m not as Batman-knowledgable as some fans, so my safe bets would be that the film will remain fairly Gotham-centric. I doubt the film’s plot will call for Batman traveling to the UK, or anywhere exotic like Tibet in Batman Begins.

[Digital Spy via Perez Hilton – Thanks, Crystal!]