The Dark Knight Rises poster rises from out of secrecy


I hate my co-workers. They’re all “Use a Batman yaoi header! Keep up with the theme! Peer pressure!” I hate them so, so much. What I don’t hate, however, is the real reason this post exists: The The Dark Knight Rises poster is finally upon us! While it obviously doesn’t give us an idea of what’s to transpire (or does it?), something’s better than nothing. 50% of this post has come true; the other 50% will be upon us in just a few days.

As for the poster itself, the canted angle gives it edgy character. It’s obviously shot from a worm’s eye perspective to imply a larger depth of field. The buildings are either crumbling down, exposing the Batman logo in the sky, OR the sky is falling down amongst the buildings. Nolan, you cheeky, little man.

[via @simps]