The Dark Knight Rises shares new pics, plot details


A bunch of new pictures and details have come out on The Dark Knight Rises, the final Batman film from Christopher Nolan, and they paint an interesting picture, to say the least. Thanks to Empire Magazine, we now know that Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after The Dark Knight, with an older, possibly more unstable Bruce Wayne, as he can’t be in a good place after nearly a decade on the run from the cops. There’s no telling how this will change the film’s dynamic, compared to Dark Knight, but it sounds like an inspired idea. I really want to see how it shakes out!

We also learn a bit more about Bane and why, in Nolan’s more realistic Bat-verse, he’s wearing a weird gimp mask. The prequel playing in front of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol will basically be the first seven or eight minutes of the movie, just like with The Dark Knight‘s IMAX prequel, and will introduce us to Bane. There’s a quote on that after the jump, so check it out! I feel like this is sounding better and better

(also, welcome back from downtime!)

[Via Empire]

Tom Hardy on Bane:

He’s brutal. Brutal. He’s a big dude who’s incredibly clinical, in the fact that he has a result-based and oriented fighting style. It’s not about fighting. It’s about carnage. The style is heavy-handed, heavy-footed, it’s nasty. Anything from small-joint manipulation to crushing skulls, crushing rib cages, stamping on shins and knees and necks and collarbones and snapping heads off and tearing his fists through chests, ripping out spinal columns. He is a terrorist in mentality as well as brutal action.

Costume designer Lindy Hemming on that mask:

He was injured early in his story. He’s suffering from pain and needs gas to survive. He can’t survive the pain without the mask. The pipes from the mask go back along his jawline and feed into the thing at his back, where there are two canisters.