The Devil Inside director still getting work


Somehow, through the miracle of divine intervention and capitalism, William Brent Bell will continue to direct movie films. He’s been signed on to direct The Vatican for Warner Bros. The only other fact we know about the thriller is that it’ll be shot using some weird blend of found footage and traditionally shot stuff. Warners has fast tracked the project, so we’ll probably see it next year sometime.

I really don’t understand how someone who has made, by all accounts, such a piece of crap (even though Sean Walsh would disagree) can still get work. If I worked at a corporation and gave a report that was as dismally reviewed as The Devil Inside, I’d be nearly fired. But if I make a low budget turd and it grosses a lot of money, I’m guaranteed continuous work. It’s a completely backwards way of thinking, and if Hollywood doesn’t shape up, we’re going to be seeing a lot of crap in the coming months. 

[via FirstShowing]