The Doom Patrol will bless us with a second season on June 25


Doom Patrol is outstanding. 

I want to make that perfectly clear. While DC Universe’s library of original programming has varied wildly in terms of quality, Doom Patrol is by far the best original show on their streaming service. Even compared to most new shows that debuted last year, Doom Patrol still manages to be the best thing that aired/streamed last year. It had me coming back every single week to see the continuing adventures of the world’s strangest superhero team, all while giving us meaningful insights into trauma and how people can overcome it. The character development was sensational and the main reason to stick around, but let’s not forget this is also a show featuring a man who eats beard hair to hunt people and a season finale where the climax involved a rat and a cockroach making out. My God this is a magical show.

I was worried that the forthcoming second season would hit a delay thanks to the Coronavirus, but that thankfully isn’t the case, as DC confirmed that Doom Patrol’s second season will began streaming on June 25th on both DC Universe and HBO Max with new episodes premiering each Thursday. We always knew that the series was going to stream on HBO Max but this calls into question the longevity of DC Universe as a streaming service. If most of its new content is going to release over on HBO Max, why both keeping it as a streaming service if more people are going to have HBO Max than DC Universe? Don’t get me wrong, DC Universe is a great digital service for reading classic DC comics, but it’s always been weak with original content in comparison to most other major streaming services. 

It’s also unclear how long the show’s second season will be, with the first season airing for 15 episodes rather than the standard 13 for shows of this type. The plot is also kept vague for right now, with the premiere dealing with the team shrunken down onto Robotman/Cliff Steel’s (Brendan Fraser) toy race car track and trying to take care of the new addition to their team, a young girl named Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro). 

Look, I just want this show now. When I heard the news that the premiere was going to be this soon, I was floored. I cheered while walking my dog and she stopped to stare at me because of it. I don’t care. I need more Doom Patrol in my life. 

Doom Patrol will stream on DC Universe and HBO Max on June 25, 2020. 

Jesse Lab
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