The estate of Bruce Lee doesn’t want him in Ip Man 3


Just last week we reported that production on Ip Man 3 is underway, featuring Mike Tyson and a CG Bruce Lee. While Iron Mike is a lock, it seems that the Donnie Yen sequel has hit a snag with CG Bruce Lee (aka Marshall Law from Tekken).

Turns out that the makers of Ip Man 3 didn’t clear the use of Bruce Lee’s likeness with the Bruce Lee estate. While Bruce Lee’s brother, Robert Lee (not to be confused with the confederate General), is a consultant on Ip Man 3, Robert does not have the legal authority to grant the use of Bruce’s likeness.

Kind of a rookie move to not clear those likeness rights. It’s like concentrating on the finger pointing a way to the moon and missing all the heavenly glory.

This setback might be for the best. Let’s face, an Ip Man movie featuring Jar Jar Lee (Bruce Binks?) sounded like a bad idea for the beginning. If they lose the rights to Bruce Lee’s likeness, maybe Ip Man 3 can just be a Donnie Yen ass-kick-a-thon without the chintziness and silliness of an artificial performer.

[via THR]

Hubert Vigilla
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