The Ex-Governator to make a Last Stand


Arnold Schwarzenegger was coming really close to setting up his post-politics comeback, until personal scandal threw a wrench into the works. Now, having let the news media move on a few weeks, he’s back to choosing his future show-biz projects and has settled on The Last Stand, the English-language debut of I Saw the Devil and A Tale of Two Sisters director Jee-woon Kim. Details on the project are slim, other than a vague quote from Kim about putting one’s life on the line for something to protect. So, kinda like half of Ahh-nold’s old movies.

No word on how this will affect Schwarzenegger’s other confirmed roles, including a return to his Terminator roots and Cry Macho and, thank God, no word on The Governator. Someone deserves to be horrible tortured to death for even considering that.

[Via /Film]