The Fall Guy leads a pretty dire weekend at the box office


There’s no other way to really explain this weekend’s box office results apart from “dire.” Maybe the ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has people glued to their computers in anticipation of the latest diss track, but seemingly nobody wanted to go to the movies this weekend. The Fall Guy, the newest film from director David Leitch, only managed to take $28.5 million domestically.

When factoring in international gross, which was an additional $36.9 million, The Fall Guy has only generated about $65.4 million for its debut. With a reported budget of $130 million, that is not good. There is still a chance that viewers will turn out in the coming weeks, but this film may wind up a dud.

Showing off how weak the theaters did this weekend is the fact that Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace came in second with $8 million. A re-release of a now 25-year-old prequel which is often maligned as one of the worst Star Wars films in the series beat out everything else at the box office. Just let that sink in.

Then again, the only other new release this weekend was Tarot, a new horror film that seems almost compulsory with regards to release. Coming in fourth, it earned $6.5 million for its opening and is likely to be profitable by next weekend. I’m honestly at a loss for what else to say about the top 10.

Here are the top 10 films for the weekend of May 3-5, 2024. All totals listed are domestic:

  1. The Fall Guy – $28.5 million
  2. Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace – $8 million
  3. Challengers – $7.6 million
  4. Tarot – $6.5 million
  5. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – $4.5 million
  6. Civil War – $3.5 million
  7. Unsung Hero – $3 million
  8. Kung Fu Panda 4 – $2.4 million
  9. Abigail – $2.3 million
  10. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire – $1.8 million
[Source] Deadline, Box Office Mojo

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