The final Blood and Ice Cream film could shoot next year


Even if you don’t know what the Blood and Ice Cream (or Three Flavours Cornetto) trilogy is, you know what they are. It’s the official name for the “trilogy” of films planned by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost, the first two being Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, which are possibly the two most quotable films in the past ten years. The third film, tentatively titled The World’s End, has been bandied about for a little while now, perpetually delayed as Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright enjoy being involved in more projects and making more money than grocery-owner Simon Skinner.

Nick Frost dropped the bomb that World’s End is on track to shoot sometime in 2012, with a later shoot date likely to accommodate for Simon Pegg shooting Star Trek 2 early next year. In addition, Edgar Wright is ever-busy with his oft-delayed Ant Man for Marvel, and Nick Frost will likely be doing promotional work for Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and One of the Snow White Pictures Coming Out Next Year Don’t Ask Me to Keep Them Straight. Still, this is a massive passion project for all three of these guys, so if they want to shoot it next year, it’ll get shot.

[Via The Playlist]