The first John Carter poster pretty much sucks


You should be excited for John Carter. It’s the live-action directorial debut from Andrew Stanton, who brought us Wall-E and Finding Nemo. It’s based off of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs series that amounts to one of the most enjoyable pulp novel trilogy ever written. The Martians are fantastic, wicked-lookg creatures/ The main female character basically walks around half naked the entire series. It’s very, very cool stuff.

However, what the hell is going down with this poster? Go down into the gallery and have a look at it real fast. It tells absolutely nothing about the actual movie, other than it’s got Taylor Kitsch in it. Then we’ve got the JCM initials, despite the fact that someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to shorten the title to John Carter from John Carter of Mars. So why’s the M even there? Look at my header image. There’s hundreds of awesome Frank Frazetta-esque John Carter of Mars stuff out there that would make a way more interesting poster.

I’m not saying I’m not psyched for John Carter anymore as a result of this poster. It just sucks.

[Via Collider]