The first look at Hobbs & Shaw features an intense staredown


In the storied events of the greatest franchise of the modern world, many have come and many have gone. Enemies were disposed of, and friends found a new life on the other side of the law. The Family is safe (for now) and the expunging of criminal records by way of blackmail has been satisfied. A season of rest is upon the Toretto clan, at least until 2019 when Fast and Furious 9 is released.

In the meantime, enjoy the spin-off featuring two of the biggest brawlers not named Vin Diesel or Ronda Rousey. Dwayne Johnson revealed a first look pic on Instagram as he and Jason Statham have been working on the new installment. Are they teaming up? Are they going to bash each other’s heads in? Will they up the ante and have Hobbs flex out of a full body cast this time? One can only hope. Not much is known in the way of the plot, but with these two and the franchise’s reputation, it’s a guarantee that destruction and mayhem will lay in their wake.

Hobbs & Shaw is slated for release in August of next year.

Nick Hershey