The first MST3K episodes have been found, are available to stream for Kickstarter backers


The new Mystery Science Theater 3000 should show up on Netflix some time next year. We still don’t know what movies Jonah Ray and the bots will be watching, or how the new cast will interact with some of the familiar faces, but I look forward to what the future holds.

While waiting for the new MST3K, we can always go back to the past. In fact, now we can go all the way back to the first two episodes that aired in 1988. Long believed to be lost, they’ve recently been discovered and are now available for streaming if you backed MST3K on Kickstarter.

The two episodes–Invaders from The Deep and Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars–aired as a double feature on November 24th, 1988 on local Minneapolis/St. Paul station KTMA. Series creator and star Joel Hodgson wrote of the two lost episodes in a Kickstarter update, “I hope you can look at them like a ‘first draft’ of what the show would turn into.”

If you backed MST3K on Kickstarter and had a reward that included “Classic MST3K Bonus Episodes”, click the titles of the films in the paragraph above to claim your cheesy movies.


[via Den of Geek]

Hubert Vigilla
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