The first poster for Transformers: The Last Knight actually gives me hope


OK, I know we’ve all been burned before about four times over, and that teasers this early on almost never reflect the final outcome of a movie, but this first poster/banner for Transformers: The Last Knight actually looks really cool. The retro-font is killer and the re-designed Optimus Prime (piggy backing off of the last film’s) looks like something out of a kick-ass Transformers anime. Could it be the the grungy, over-played look of the first four films is has finally decided to abandon its overstayed welcome even though Michael Bay is still directing?

Check out that Godzilla-like monster in the background too. What’s is Prime battling? With Paramount attempting to “universe” Transformers we might actually be getting the deeper Transformers film we’ve been looking for.

Then again Mark Wahlberg’s awful character is returning as is Michael Bay so it’s quite possible this is just a cool poster. But props for the font change, Paramount. 

Matthew Razak
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