The first teaser trailer for Ip Man 3 just punched you repeatedly in the face


Here it is: a US teaser trailer for Ip Man 3, the latest installment in the badass wing chun series starring Donnie Yen. Despite the presence of Sammo Hung in Ip Man 2, the sequel was a step down in general quality from the first Ip ManIp Man 3, by contrast, looks like the series is back on track.

Check out the trailer below:

IP MAN 3 (2016) US Teaser Trailer - Well Go USA

There’s thankfully no CG Bruce Lee, but Mike Tyson is there playing an evil property developer (is there any other kind?) who wants to take over the city. And then they fight.

Ip Man 3 will be out in Hong Kong on December 24th, and hitting the United States on January 22nd. This shorter gap between foreign and domestic release may have something to do with a certain Star Wars movie that Donnie Yen is starring in next year

[via First Showing]

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