The Flash season 2 teaser reveals multiple worlds and Flashes


I may not enjoy The CW’s Arrow, but I’m a pretty big fan of The Flash. It’s fun, light, it’s got Tom Cavanagh (who really hasn’t got the due time he deserves) and it somehow gets away with so much comic book nonsense. By the looks of the promos we’ve gotten for season 2, the show’s about to get way crazier. 

We’ve got multiple realities, including the introduction of Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), the very first Flash in the 1940s comics, enemies coming through portals (like Atom Smasher), and Cisco might turn into Vibe sometime soon. It’s going to be neat to watch how the show manages to balance all of this weirdness. 

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 6th on The CW. For more big premiere dates, check out our list here. 

The Flash Season 2 Promo "New Season, New Threats" (HD) Jay Garrick