The Flixist Batcast #12: The Dark Knight


[For the past several months, in the run up to The Dark Knight Rises, community member and Team Hobbit Sucks Brave Rules captain Xzyliac has been running a podcast recording commentary tracks for each Batfilm(all of which you can find here) with myself, Max Roahrig, and fellow community member Kraid. This is the final Batcast commentary track for The Dark Knight.–Alex]

This is it people! The sort-of end of it all. The last Batcast commentary, at least for a while, and it’s the one I think we’ve all been waiting for. The Dark Knight is the Batman film that broke a lot of common conceptions of comic book films and sold so many on Nolan’s vision of the Gothamverse. An oft-noted stellar performance by Heath Ledger as Joker rests on the foundations of some solid screenwriting by the Nolan brothers. Love it or hate it, it’s a modern classic and not without reason.

In this episode we are joined once again by my non-blood big sis Steph as well as Flixist writer of things Geoff Henao. It’s a pretty fun episode, rocketed by Batman discussion and then going…somewhere….else. Enjoy.

Download it here!