The Flixist Show 21: Squirting Nipple Jiggabytes


Man, our title this week is SEO efficient. This week, Bob, Max, Jenika, and I talk about the Total Recall trailer and how it’s a weird pastiche of a lot of significantly better-looking movies, as well as Gary Ross’s departure from the Hunger Games franchise, which you’ll read a little more about in an hour. We also get a chance to talk about some of the worst twists in films that we’ve seen. Spoiler alert: I spoil the living f**k out of High Tension, so be on the lookout for that if you haven’t seen that film yet. Though, really, it’s almost ten years old at this point. The statute of limitations on that is over.

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The Flixist Show 21: Squirting Nipple Jiggabytes.mp3