The Flixist Show 25: A Necklace of Hobo Nails


This week, Bob, Max, Jenika, Jason, and me discuss The Avengers. I was going to use some trite little joke about it being some indie movie you probably haven’t heard of, but I’ve got class dammit. I also discover a shocking lapse in my companions’ knowledge of Hong Kong action movies. Seriously, these people haven’t seen Hard Boiled. I’m obviously too good for this podcast. I’m off on my own now! The Alex Show will basically be the same as The Flixist Show, except with about 20% more hardcore pornography. 

Also, thanks to SirNinjaFace, we come up with some awesome movie pitches that, as usual, prove that Jenika is f**king insane. I am worried for my safety.

(We don’t actually talk about Hobo with a Shotgun. I just didn’t want to use a picture of gross fingernails.)

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The Flixist Show 25: A Necklace of Hobo Nails.mp3