The Flixist Show 30: Alex needs brain tampons


A warm welcome to all our new listeners! On this week’s Flixist Show, it’s all about Brave. Jenika and I share our thoughts of the movie (the full review will be up in two hours) and we all discuss this weird feeling we all had where the film just doesn’t look like a Pixar movie in some weird, unquantifiable way we inevitably attempt to quantify. We also spend a good deal of time discussing what qualities a series or source needs to be remade or rebooted in the now-traditional Hollywood sense, and returning to the show for the first time in weeks is the Nick_Valdez Memorial Podcast Game! 

We briefly spoil some of Super, a fantastic movie you should all see, but I give you some good warning, so make sure you skip ahead if you don’t want parts of the ending spoiled. 

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The Flixist Show 30: Alex needs brain tampons.mp3