The Flixist Show 35: Erosion Dicksplosion


Welcome back to The Flixist Show! Liz rejoins us after a lengthy absence, so we obviously have to figure out a new name for her, which we did beautifully. Matty Shoestring has another piece of erotic fanction for us, this time starring Liz and Jenika in a steamy nude encounter. Aw yeah. This show’s going to get all the downloads. Somewhere in there we talk about Oldboy‘s ending, The Phantom, and some other jazz.

Also, we have a contest! Take this sexual addiction test. The person on the show that scored the highest of all of us, with a twelve out of twenty, proving he/she is addicted to sex. If you can prove with pictorial evidence that you’re more of a sex addict than this person, I’ll give you something. I’ll get you a neat old movie at Amoeba Records or something. I dunno. Stop asking! You’ll get free crap!

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The Flixist Show 35: Erosion Dicksplosion.mp3