The Flixist Show 5: Spike Lee’s Dragon Ball Z


First off, this glorious header image is courtesy of John Larriva. This particular painting, Ian Malcom: From Chaos, is at an art show in LA all about Jurassic Park. Today, we talk about more American remakes of Asian movies, Flight of the Conchords, and, of course, a lot of bulls**t. Geoff couldn’t join us today, as his internet is down. Nyarlathotep is probably somehow to blame. Or a dianoga. I dunno.

We also talk about how to win that Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Gift Set on Blu-Ray, so make sure to download us through iTunes, Zune Marketplace, or via the direct link after the jump. Do you like our silly bleatings? Rate us on iTunes or Zune Marketplace, and write us a review!

By the by, in case you missed it, the email address to send your contest entries to is [email protected]

Flixist Show 5: Spike Lee’s Dragon Ball Z