The Flixist Show 8: #Humpablebrag


Ho ho ho! On this very special Christmas episode of The Flixist Show, Geoff doesn’t know what a humblebrag is, and Dre goes on strike. I love Geoff. He’s the Flixist Karl Pilkington, God bless his soul. We talk a lot about our favorite Christmas movies and discuss the possibility of licking Bruce Willis’s eyeballs. Ugh, what a horrid image. Don’t think that.

Anyway, if you send us a picture of yourself as a pterodactyl, in the great Flixist tradition, you can win a copy of the Jurassic Park gift set on blu-ray! Holy crap! That’s awesome! I want one! I can’t have one, though! Damn it! You should totally email your entry to [email protected], and you’ve got a really good chance of winning one! Because, honestly, no one else has entered. So basically, you’ve got as perfect a chance as possible for getting free stuff.

Anyhoo, download us below, on iTunes, or on the Zune Marketplace. We also have an app now on the Amazon App Store for Android. You should also download that, and support our weirdness!

Flixist Show 8: #Humpablebrag