The Flixist Show needs your questions!


I’m listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack right now, and it’s so awesome. For all its faults, I loved Tron: Legacy, and I even had a deeply spiritual experience with it. Man, why didn’t this win an Oscar? Such bullcrap.

Anyhoo, we’re recording the show tonight, so let’s hear some questions! Manasteel88, I know I forgot your question last time, but since we like it so much, we’re actually devoting a decent chunk of the show to discussing it. Everyone else, get those questions in, and we’ll answer them! Let us know in the comments section, or email us at [email protected] We MIGHT be recording tomorrow instead of today, if internet at Flixist LA is still on the fritz. Stay tuned here, though, and we’ll let you know.

Also, remember to send us your pterodactyl pictures to win that Jurassic Park gift set!