The Flixist Show wants your questions inside of it!


That didn’t really read right, but it was supposed to be a sexual innuendo. Like with boning. Basically, we want you, our dear listeners, to bone us. With your questions. We’re gonna talk about everything from Muppets to Elmo to the terrible, terrible movies we’ve seen recently, and we want to answer YOUR questions! We’ll answer basically any question, and let’s face it, since we’ve got such a small audience right now, your question is basically guaranteed to be answered. Unless all our readers come out of the woodwork to ask us a question. Though, for real, if you all do that, I’ll be really excited and try to get through all of them.

Ask away! We’re recording in a couple of hours, and we’ll have the show up tomorrow! Post your questions in the comment box below, email them to [email protected], or just YELL THEM TO THE HEAVENS.

Also, for my amusement, I had Max and Jenika compete to see who got to make the header for this post. Jenika won, so you see her header before you. Max’s is in the gallery. You should spurn him.