The Foreigner has a new trailer with foreigners in it

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It’s seems a little unfair that a bunch of out of shape older actors are currently making old-man action movies in the Taken vein when Jackie Chan is an old man who can actually do all that stuff. Luckily we’re getting The Foreigner, which I think I’m a little too excited for, and which we have a new trailer.

See Chan on screen kicking butt again is great, and pulling in Pierce Brosnan and director Martin Campbell makes me giddy in all the right ways. However, these movies are often not as good as the sum of their parts and Campbell is hit and miss. Sure he directed two of the best Bond films of the modern era, but he also did Green Lantern. I’m hoping this holds its tension as well as it could instead of being just another mid-range action film starring an old guy.

Matthew Razak
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