The Foxmaggedon begins: Disney is shuttering Fox 2000


Disney’s acquisition of Fox may be happy for those who wanted to see the X-Men join up with the Avengers eventually but in reality, its actually two giant entertainment companies merging into one and that means there’s going to be plenty of jobs lost and departments closed. The first casualty? Fox 2000 is no more.

It’s a bit of a surprise, actually. The label, which produced mostly mid-budget films, was pretty successful with hits like The Devil Wears Prada and Hidden Figures. Of course, it had plenty of not as big hits, but it was a pretty successful studio in its own right and its films seemed to fit a need within Disney. However, Variety reports that after deciding to keep 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight running there just wasn’t enough room at Disney for Fox 2000. At the moment, it isn’t clear if Elizabeth Gabler, Fox 2000’s head, and her staff will be moved or let go.

Evidently, the films already in production from the studio will get release dates, but after that its lights out. This is, obviously, something that has to happen. Disney is already firing top execs at Fox, especially in marketing and distribution, since their jobs are now duplicitous and if they don’t think there’s a spot for someone or something they’ll get rid of it. That’s just how mergers work. I wouldn’t feel too bad for any of the leadership that’s out of a job since they’re already rich and the successful ones will get new work, but an entire studio shutting down can mean a lot of smaller jobs lost, which is a shame. 

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Matthew Razak
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