The Fuhrer takes one in the kisser for 100 rare prints


The LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival is something I’ve never heard of, but I’d line up now if I wasn’t on the other end of the country. Marvel Studios will be there for a presentation on Sunday and one hundred true believers will walk away with a retro Hollywood style poster that you won’t find anywhere else…

…except Ebay on Monday morning but you’ll need an attic full of stolen Nazi treasure to outbid me. More than just a throwback to the 40’s silver screen, you’ll recognize this iconic snapshot from the very first issue of Captain America Comics published in 1941.

Be honest. Does the official First Avenger poster make you want to see this movie in July more than the header image above? Marvel has put out some interesting films this season but the marketing is not something I’d hang on my wall. Were this piece displayed in theaters, I think it would draw more attention. Check out the full image after the jump, and if you missed it, part one and part three of my Tribeca Film Festival sitdown with the Sentinel of Liberty provides a bit of insight on how Chris Evans feels about becoming the man behind the shield.

[via Cinemablend]