The full trailer for The Disaster Artist ditches the comedy… kind of

The Disaster Artist | Official Trailer HD | A24

I probably watched the first teaser for The Disaster Artist about 20 times because it was so damn funny. It definitely gave off the idea that the film would be playing for laughs hard, but the first full trailer for the film shows off a slightly different side. Tommy Wiseau’s story looks a lot more dramatic than one might have expected. Yes, there’s the comedic idiocy, but it appears they’re trying to humanize Tommy a bit.

As someone who has been involved in an interview with the man I can tell you that might not be possible. He’s weird as hell and basically a walking parody of himself. Maybe that’s all for the audience and he’s constantly on so this version is the real one. Either way it actually makes me want to see the movie even more. Taking a serious slant to this while keeping it hilarious as well should deliver something special. 

Matthew Razak
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