The gang’s all here in the first Harley Quinn trailer


During San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, DC unveiled its first trailer for the Harley Quinn animated series. Kicking off with a bang (“it’s me, dickhead”), the trailer is chock full of swinging bats, smug remarks, and a surprising number or recognizable faces replete with the Joan Jett cover of “Love is All Around.” 

The series is stacked with voice actors. Leading the way is Kaley Cuoco who shares the mic with Alan Tudyk, Lake Bell, Giancarlo Esposito, and many more in the way of support. Look at this cast list. LOOK AT IT!

The show is set to the tune of meta-jokes and crude humor while delving into the louche world of the anti-hero. Throughout her adventures, Quinn is set to run-in and even team up with a variety of DC villains and heroes, including Bats himself. The show has been in the works for the past two years, and hopes are high that it strikes a chord with the adult crowd. 

Harley Quinn is set to premiere this fall on the DC Universe streaming service. 

Nick Hershey