The Giver lands its first trailer and it’s kind of creepy


I was insanely concerned for The Giver. A lot of the news about it seems to lead to the conclusion that they’re turning it into a young adult romance that you’d find on the CW when it deserves so much more than that. This new trailer actually assuages some of those fears as its really kind of creepy and actually focuses on the themes of the book while still showing off its sci-fi leanings. Really, it looks a lot more sci-fi than the book was, but we’re going to let that slide as long as the focus remains on the characters.

Plus, the cast is just too good to doubt. The Giver could easily be one of the best films of the year if they actually pull it off correctly, and we’ve waited so long for this adaptation that they better do exactly that. I’m just glad to come out of this trailer without my hopes crushed.

Matthew Razak
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