The Goon lives on…as a Kickstarter


I’ve been following the trials and tribulations of the film adaptation of The Goon for quite some time. While Hollywood has passed on this film several times it seems, The Goon just won’t die. Now, the filmmakers have turned to everyone’s instant funding machine, Kickstarter.

At the time of this writing, 302 people have donated $19,043 to the project, with 29 days to go. Typical Kickstarter rewards are there for backers who donate x-amount of money dollars, such as posters, t-shirts, and access to a production blog. The weird part, though, is that the money isn’t going towards making the final film. Every dollar generated through this Kickstarter will be funding a full-length story reel. Now, just what is a story reel? It’s basically a rough sketch version of the film, or an animatic for those in the know.

I have to say though, why isn’t the studio putting this money towards the finished product? Also, they have David Fincher producing, and Paul Giamatti acting. Couldn’t they, you know, put some of their own money into the project? I love Kickstarter in theory, but when big-shots and Oscar winners get their hands on it, the magic kind of dies.