The Goonies is most likely getting a sequel


Talk of a sequel to The Goonies has yet to say die. Years of rumors, failed scripts, and Broadway musical dreams have finally come to a head as TMZ caught up with Richard Donner (director of the original) and he stated a sequel was in the works when asked if he’d do another comic book movie: 

If you call Goonies a comic book.  We’re doing a sequel.

Since it’s the director talking, I’m sure there’s talk about making it happen but hold the truffle shuffles until something a bit more concrete comes about. I personally think it’s a dumb, dumb idea. Why make a sequel when the original version is still so damn perfect in almost every way? I know sequels don’t retroactively ruin the first film, but ugh. This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 

[via TMZ]