The Goonies will become an immersive theater experience kind of like Sleep No More


Have you ever wanted to The Goonies to be a totally immersive theater experience?


Gosh. Well, doesn’t matter, because you may get it anyway.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Goonies director Richard Donner dropped the following tease of what’s to come:

We’re going to do an off-Broadway, do you know what immersion theatre is? Where there’s no seats, the venue is you go into a warehouse and there’s something happening in that warehouse and that’s the play you’ve come to see, only you become part of it and you travel through with actors. It’s very popular now. We’re doing one on The Goonies. It will take another year or so but it’s going to be wonderful.

As the AV Club notes, this might be like a misfit kid version of Sleep No More, the critically acclaimed immersive and interactive retelling of Macbeth that all of my friends have seen but I still haven’t gotten to yet. (Eventually, guys. Eventually.)

The Goonies theater project is still a year away, but I’m curious how close this will stick to the story of the film. If they get really weird with it, maybe they could make this immersive theater experience follow the storyline of the videogame Goonies II.

I’m secretly hoping this is just a dark and perverse retelling of The Goonies in the Sleep No More style, complete with masks and the eerie, otherworldly noir vibe. They could all it Never Say Die.

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Hubert Vigilla
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