The Governator is coming to a theater near YOU!


This weekend, you probably heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to show business would begin by developing a television show and comic book with Stan Lee called The Governator. You can watch the terrible trailer for it above. What you may not have heard was that Schwarzenegger also announced that a Governator animated film was being developed as well, for release in 2013. If the never notion of this story doesn’t boggle your mind even a little, you’re a better man than I.

The Governator is built around a superhero modeled after Ahnold and his time as governor of California. Seriously, The Governator will be a former governor of California, who moonlights as a superhero with an array of super suits that give him various powers, as well as a coterie of child sidekicks that live in the secret room in his house. I’m imagining the Governator flying to the Sacramento legislature, blowing the doors open with his eye lasers, then delivering a ten minute speech on fiscal responsibility before punching out Jerry Brown.

I don’t know if I’m more embarrassed for Arnold for making such a silly, April Fool’s Day-notion into reality or for Stan Lee for being part of this nonsense. Because I always thought that a respected creator like Stan Lee would never lend his name to anything this stupid ever.

[Via /Film]