The Great Gatsby now releasing May 2013


We were all supposed to see the lavish Baz Luhrmann production of The Great Gatsby this holiday season, but thanks to the fact that Warner Bros. didn’t see it as a true Oscar contender they bumped it to a nebulous summer 2013 release date. Things are a bit more firm now with the studio announcing the film will land May 10 of 2013.

It’s hard to see to understand why WB doesn’t think they have a winner here since the cast is stellar, its based on one of the greatest novels of all time and Luhrmann is already Oscar proven. Speculation is that they just think the film will make more money with a summer release, and their winter schedule is already full of Oscar hopefuls.

I’m still not totally sold on this adaptation anyway. There’s so much going on in the novel that I doubt Luhrmann’s brash style can really capture that much subtext.

[via The Playlist]

Matthew Razak
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