The green band trailer for Deadpool is here if you’re, like, trying to watch at work or something


So that red band trailer for Deadpool dropped a couple days ago and it was pretty great, but it wasn’t all that safe for work or to watch around babies or whatever. 20th Century Fox has you covered if you’re trying to scope out some Wade Wilson action on your lunch break or something – the “mostly-safe-for-kiddos” green band version of the trailer has dropped.

The green band trailer is essentially the same one you all saw the other night. The main difference, seeing as this needs to be safe enough to show in theaters, is that it edits around most of the explicit gore, the swearing and the couple sexified shots we saw in the red-band (sorry, fans of butts and half-naked Morena Baccarins). Unless you’re, like, showing this to your boss or a kid trying to convince your parents to let you see the movie or a blogger for a movie website and kind of have to cover it, there’s not much reason to watch this over the red-band trailer. 

I’ll be real with you guys – Deadpool is not my favorite comic book character. Far from it. The basic concept – a mercenary whose mental instability and penchant for violence hides a heart of gold and also he knows he’s a comic book character – is a really good one, but in practice I find it’s all too easy for writers to devolve into really lazy attempts at jokes that fall flat more often than not. That very pretentious thing said, there are a few runs with the character that find a really good balance between the violence, the humor and the heart underneath it all, and I really hope that Deadpool follows down that path. I’m not what one would call a Deadpool “fan.” But everything I’ve seen out of the movie so far – the trailer included – gives me hope. 

The red band trailer, I mean. You can go watch that instead of this unless you are a baby, but if you are a baby, check it out:

Deadpool | Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Deadpool opens February 16. Directed by Tim Miller, the X-Men spinoff stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano and T.J. Miller.