The Grey getting a fall re-release to remind the Academy


You’ll be able to read this in the late morning/early afternoon tomorrow, but The Grey is already a front runner in my top ten of 2012 list. Especially in these leaner times for movies, you’re not likely to find a lot of new releases as great as The Grey. So color me surprised when I learned that Open Road, the studio that produced the film, is planning to re-release it in the fall in order to better remind the Academy of Motion Pictures that it’s very much deserving to be an Oscar candidate. Personally, I don’t see the Academy nominating the film for Best Picture or Joe Carnahan for Best Director, though both are very deserving, but Liam Neeson’s amazing performance deserves the nod for Best Actor like nobody’s business, especially considering the man, despite a great body of work, has only gotten a single nomination. A goddamned shame.

Anyway, this is good news for me, as a fan of this movie, and you’ll see exactly how big a fan I am tomorrow.

[Via Screenrant]