The guy who directed It will be helming the Attack on Titan live-action movie


I’m going to have to watch (or read, or play) this Attack on Titan thing aren’t I? A live-action movie has been in the works for a bit, but the ball is finally rolling forward with the announcement that Andy Muschietti is on board to direct the film. Warner Brothers solidified the deal for the film yesterday and got Muschietti as fast as they could. Gotta strike while the iron is hot: nearly a decade after the publication of the original manga first released and after it has already been adapted into an anime and a two-part Japanese film.

OK, despite the triple dipping, the franchise is still insanely popular and WB is most likely going to make bank off this movie, which is why they put it in the hands of Muschietti who delivered the outstanding It to us and the acceptable Mama. Mostly because of It

Despite my lack of investment in the series, I will now make some vague comments about the quality of this selection. From a distance Attack on Titan looks creepy as all hell given the giant, man-eating creatures that are attacking humanity have no skin on them. As such, I love the choice of a horror director for a film that will probably lean towards action but should also scare us a bit. Muschietti has proven he can do the latter so now we just need to see if he can handle a true blockbuster.

‘IT’ Director Andy Muschietti to Helm Live-Action ‘Attack on Titan’ Movie [Collider]

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