The Hangover Part III already exists, has a writer


I thought The Hangover was a great one-off film. It was clever, funny, and highly entertaining. I didn’t see the sequel because I didn’t think a sequel was particularly necessary, something corroborated by Flixist’s review of the film. Necessary or not, The Hangover Part II has done exceedingly well, so a third film was all but inevitable.

The film is being penned by Craig Mazin, who co-wrote the second film with Scot Armstrong. The Hangover Part III (or whatever it will eventually be called) is purported to be the final part of an apparent trilogy. As of now, there is no word as to where The Wolf Pack will be blacking out nor what small creature they will be comically forced to take care of, but I’m sure those details will be announced before too long. That being said, the film is supposed to be a dramatic shift from the previous films, and may very well break all of the conventions that we know and love.

Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen, but there is one bit of information out in the wild: the ending. In an interview with Badass Digest, Mazin may have revealed the final moments of the Hangover trilogy. Hit the jump to see what he said. Note: Spoilers.

[Via FirstShowing.Net]

According to Mazin: “I think the third movie ends with Doug staring at a row of crosses in a graveyard. It’s everyone – his wife, his family is dead, everybody from the first movie is dead. Somebody shows up and tells him his dog is dead.”

This may be a joke, but then again maybe it isn’t. That is one hell of an ending, and, if it turns out to be true, I’m very interested to see how that is going to happen. All I can say is, that better not be a thing that actually happens rather than a dream. Is this excitement I’m feeling? No… not really, but maybe I won’t be skipping the final part of the trilogy after all.