The Hannibal reunion reminds us why the show was so great

Hannibal: A Delicious Reunion - Nerdist House

Has it really been five years since the best TV show of the 2010s concluded? Hannibal is a masterpiece of horror fiction the likes of which have never been replicated since. I love it. I REALLY love it. Over 39 episodes, audiences were treated to some of the smartest, bravest, provocative, and disgusting television that I have ever witnessed. Not even HBO could reach the levels of grotesque that Fuller and crew were able to pull off.

Just recently, Nerdist was able to reunite the majority of the cast, as well as several members of the production team, to talk about the show. Sadly not everyone could be there (Lawrence Fishburne wasn’t able to attend), but there were enough people there to have a lovely discussion for an hour about the show and the memories they had with it, as well as the future.

Now before any Fannibals have an orgasm about the show’s future, I’m gonna stop you right there and say that no, they did not announce a Season 4 during the reunion. While Fuller talked plenty about where the show could go, he said it’s all still dependent on finding a new network to host it. Most of the cast is game, even if it takes until everyone’s an old man to do it, and Fuller phrased it as less of an “if” question and more of a “when” question. It’ll happen! It’s one of the few rays of light that keep me going!

But while there is no Season 4 talk, it’s still nice to hear the cast reminisce about the show. This reunion is lighthearted and fun, with the cast talking about whether Hannibal Lecter would wear sandals or not, how to torture Gillian Anderson, the various ways to murder Dr. Chilton, flower crowns, David Slade showing off a severed ear, and a strange discussion about hot dogs. It has it all, so give it a listen if you have the time! Lord knows any new Hannibal content is appreciated.

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