The Hobbit gets a scroll, shows off its scenes


Usually when we get a banner or poster it shows off a specific scene or just some cool artwork, but with a story as grand as The Hobbits we can’t just settle for the usual. Instead we get the grand scrolling image that you see below that details many of the most iconic scenes from the cherished book. I’m guessing that the barrel escape scene won’t look quite as photoshopped in the film itself, but otherwise these all look pretty fantastic.

I love Gandalf with the man-bear Beorn and eagles in the background. It’s great to see they’re staying so visually true to both the books and the previous films. If you want to see this banner in hyper-detail just head over to EW as they’ve got a cool magnifying glass thing. If normal details is just fine for you then check it out below.

[EW, via /Film]


Matthew Razak
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