The Hulk ditches purple pants for khakis in The Avengers


While visiting the Hasbro booth at the Toy Fair in London’s Olympia, Empire managed to grab some shots of the new Hulk action figures that are set to coincide with the forthcoming Avengers film. Why is this important? Well, if you’ll have a look at the pictures, you may notice that everyone’s favorite green giant has exchanged his trademark purple pants for a pair of khakis. Dear god, THE SHOCK! Board your windows quickly, for common folk are sure to descend into madness, screaming “HOW DARE THEE TAKE AWAY THY PURPLE SLACKS!” as they riot through the streets cursing the name of Joss Whedon.

Now I know this is all rather silly and the fact it’s even news is even sillier, but I can’t help but think of a certain Flixist writer who is also white, bears the initials M.R., has rage issues and a deep affection for brown hued slacks. Just saying … Mark Ruffalo ain’t got sh*t on Max Roahrig.

[Via Empire]