The Hunger Games is starting to look pretty sexy


And not in a good way, to boot. These are the first stills from The Hunger Games that really showcase the two main men of the piece, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth). They form the dude parts of the Eiffel Tower-esque love triangle that pervades the film, with Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss as the one that has to GASP! make a choice between the two men she cares most for.

I’m a fan of the books, but I’m really not feeling these. I appreciate how run-down and overgrown everything is. That’s fairly accurate to the film’s opening in District 12, the poorest district of the future dystopia the film is set in. Other than Gale (the brown-haired one) looking a bit ragged in the first publicity shot, everyone just looks so put together. The clothes look like some kind of designer thing, and everyone’s got their hair done up just so. This is a place where people are starving to death. It doesn’t even look like anyone pictures so far has so much as skipped breakfast this morning, let alone lived in squalor all their lives. I want to like this movie, but I’ve not got a lot to go on, so far.

Spy the pictures in the gallery below. What do you guys think of The Hunger Games so far, judging from what limited material we have of it?

[Via /Film, via EW]