The Inbetweeners movie already set for US remake


Pay attention for a bit, because it make get a bit confusing down the line.

So The Inbetweeners was a popular UK sitcom about a band of misfit teenagers that ran from 2008-2010. Last year, a movie was released (and reviewed by our very own british misfit Xander Markham) that served as a bookend to the british series. That movie is just now seeing an American release in September (trailer here).

Congruently, an American version of the UK series was being developed for MTV that will premiere a few weeks before the UK film arrives on our shores. Even more odd, before either the UK film or the US remake are even tested upon American audiences, Paramount has greenlit an American remake of the British film with the co-creator of the original Inbetweeners series Iain Morris set to write and direct. Confused yet?

Now there’s no word if this remake will have anything to do with the original series, the new American series, or just be a different thing that exists outside of both … but considering both MTV and Paramount fall under Viacom, one can safely assume it will follow the new wiener kids that make up the new MTV series. Is it premature to greenlight a movie based on a remake of a remake before the remake is even proved to be successful, much less so close to each other in time? Yea, probably, but I suppose we’ll see once the US version of the series premieres August 20th (I’m willing to bet it will turn out the same way as the ill-fated Skins remake).

I’m going to stop writing now … my brain f**king hurts just thinking about all of this. Do yourself a favor and just watch the original series and forget everything else.

[via Total Film]